qCf 12 High Amp

qCf Liquid Cooling High Amp - Our system for professional characterisation of fuel cells for high current densities and direct flow field cooling
This version of our quickCONNECT test units offers significant improvements in the areas of high current densities and temperature management. The qCF LC High Amp has been developed for operation at current densities of up to 5A/cm². Reducing heat build-up, which can become a critical problem, was a major design challenge. We were able to solve it in partnership with the Fraunhofer ISE. The cooling sections were relocated so that they were in direct contact with the flow field plates, allowing the generated heat to be efficiently dissipated from the cell (DT < 1 K).
  • Active fuel cell area: 12 cm2
  • Operation at extremely high current density: Up to 5 A/cm2
  • Liquid heating/ cooling (optional accessory: HUBER ministat)
  • Cooling areas in direct contact with the flow field plate
  • Ideal for testing high energy density applications (e.g. automotive)



Weight 6 kg
Piston diameter (actuator)
Ø 100 mm; anti-rotation, low friction
active area
12 cm2
max. operating temperature -20 °C bis 150 °C*
liquid cooling heating/cooling via heat bath thermostat
DT cooling and media outlet smaller 1K @ 5 A/cm2
max. contact pressure (@ 4 bar )

3 kN/ 300 kg/ 675 lbf / 2.5 N/mm2

pneumatic connection (actuator)

Ø 4 mm compressed air connector

Operation type

mechanical via 5/2-way valve

Media connections (anode/cathode) Ø 6 mm connection (compatible to Swagelock)
Delivery includes qCf, Load connections (Ø 6 mm/M6; Multi Contact), user manual
* depending on circulation thermostat and temperature control medium


Optional Equipment

cF12/100 HA
cellFixture for high current densities with an active area of 12 cm2

Flow field plate set
For a range of applications, also customised designs

Positioning aid
For simple preparation of test objects

for current density distribution measurement (LT and HT operation)

Humidity sensor

HSF1/12 qCf
Connector for integration of the humidity sensor

Cable set
For load connection

HUBER ministat
Laboratory thermostat for cooling and heating


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