LEV Stack

Liquid-cooled hydrogen fuel cell stack for pedelecs and cargo bikes (Light Electric Vehicles)
  • Ideal for applications with limited space
  • Designed for light electric vehicles (e.g. pedelecs and cargo bikes)
  • Numerous key operating components are already installed
  • Simple dimensioning of the required system components

Technical data

LEV stack 22
Voltage9 - 22 V DC
Electr. power200 W (nominal)
Current18 A (at nominal power)
Cell count22
Dimensions155 x 85 x 95 mm
Weight1,65 kg
TreibstoffH2 3.0 trocken
Oxidizing agentAmbient air (unmoistened)
Hydrogen consumption3,0 l/min
Hydrogen inlet pressure1-4 bar(g)
Operating temperature5 - 62,5 °C
ConnectionsInlet cathode: G 1/4" (Internal thread)
Anode, Cooling, outlet cathode: G 1/8" (Internal thread)


Cathode fan, mounted on the LEV stack
Integrated LEV stack peripheral components (Temperature sensors and H2 valves)

System components

DC/DC converter
To control the fuel cell stack's output voltage
ECU - Electronic Control Unit
Control and regulation of system components; monitoring of the fuel cell stack
EPR300 - Electronic Pressure Regulator
To control hydrogen inlet pressure


Cargo bikes

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