The Electronic Control Unit is designed for use in combination with the 300W PEM Stack or the LEV Stack. It controls and regulates the peripheral components required to operate the stack and measures a variety of physical parameters. In addition to this, the unit can transmit readings to a PC.
  • Measurement of power, current, pressure, 4x temperature
  • Control of pumps, valves, radial fans and any other components
  • Integrated operating processes (system functions): Start up, operation, shut down
  • Basic safety features to protect the fuel cell stack
  • Simple communication via a USB connection (data recording, parameterisation of functions, etc.)

Technical data

General data:

  • Input current: max. 5 A
  • Input voltage: 12 V
  • Dimensions (mm): 90 x 75 x 51


  • Fuel cell current
  • Fuel cell voltage
  • 4 x temperature
  • Hydrogen pressure


  • Input valve
  • Outlet valve
  • Radial blower
  • Circulation pump
  • Fan

Communications interface:

  • USB (virtual COM port)

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