qCf short stack

qCf short stack: Our system for the professional characterization of fuel cell short stacks with liquid cooling from 2 to 5 cells.
It enables easy testing of various internal components such as membranes, electrodes, CCMs, MEAs and GDLs. The stacking device enables direct regulation of the contact pressure on the short stack via a pneumatic actuator, which creates fully reproducible test conditions. Flow fields and MEA components can be easily exchanged and tested under different parameters.


General technical data

Number of cells variable for 2 - 5 cells, each 25 cm2
Thickness of the components to be tested
up to 0,9 mm per single cell
Dimensions (LxWxH)
465 mm x 175 mm x 242 mm
Weight (empty) 13,5 kg
Temperature control Cooling/heating liquids (external thermostat),
with cooling level in each individual cell
Operation temperature up to 140 °C *
max. Contact pressure (@ 8 bar )

6,28 kN / 616 kg / 1412 lbf/ 2,5 N/mm²

Pneumatic connection (actuator)

Ø 4 mm Compressed air plug connector

Operating mode

Mechanical via 5/2-way valve

Media connections (Anode/Kathode) Ø 8 mm connections (Swagelock compatible)
Electrical connection Sockets 1 mm for test leads (sense)
8 mm sockets for load lines (electronic load)
* depending on the circulation thermostat and temperature control medium


Optional Equipment

Humidity sensor

HSF1/12 qCf
Connector for integration of the humidity sensor

Cable set
For load connection

HUBER ministat
Laboratory thermostat for cooling and heating


Research & development

Quality control

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