We believe that our company is very special. It combines the innovative power and agility of an expert team with the experience and stability of a well-established hi-tech company in a dynamic, growing market.
Our daily operations are based on our many years of experience in the development and testing of internal fuel cell components such as MEA, CCM and GDL for PEM technology.

The quickCONNECTfixture was specifically developed for labs and the special needs of production line quality control. It is a revolutionary test unit which delivers reproducible test results. What makes the qCf special is its actively controlled pressure effect applied directly to the active area of the sample to be characterised. We hold the exclusive global rights for this highly sophisticated WO 2006/056195 A1 qCf cell concept.

We have been building and selling fuel cell subsystems under the name SuSy(TM) Fuel Cell Subsystems since 2012.


We are convinced that the world requires a sustainable energy industry which does not produce harmful emissions.
We have always been fascinated by hydrogen as an energy source. This fascination forms the basis for our enthusiasm and our goal to establish PEM fuel cells in a range of markets and operate them using hydrogen produced without generating any emissions. We firmly believe that the fuel cell can change the energy industry.

We view ourselves as fuel cell experts, innovation drivers and partners for the realisation of the energy revolution. For over 15 years now we have been involved in shaping fuel cell technology in a variety of ways. When doing so, our team, the experts in all our departments, always focus on our customers' future.


A number of balticFuelCells GmbH employees were already active in the field of fuel cells and their components long before the company was founded in 2006. Our team will continue to grow in the future, for example thanks to in-house training of new employees.


As an innovative company we have been working closely with leading research institutions in the field of PEM fuel cells and PEM electrolysis for many years now. Our test units are used around the world, for example by prestigious automotive customers. We have a reputation for developing customised fuel cells (and applications) in the electromobility, aerospace, emergency power supply, building energy supply and offshore system segments.


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