Fuel cells

We offer unique fuel cell stacks and system solutions or mobile and decentralised energy supply which are based on hydrogen as the energy source.
Designed for light electric vehicles such as pedelecs and cargo bikes; essential system components are already installed.
PEM Stack
Ideal base component for customised system solutions or teaching and lab set-ups
PEM SubSystem
All the peripheral components required for operation are already integrated, making the subsystem easy to use

System comparison

The systems can be compared as follows as regards applications:
PEM Stack air-cooled PEM Stack liquid-cooled
Energy source Hydrogen Hydrogen
Cost FC stack / system ++ ++
cost storage ++++ ++++
locale CO2 emission no no
System complexity + +
Temperatur resistence (wide range of applications) + +++
Installation space/Volume + ++
Volumetric energy density +++ ++
Utilization of waste heat Only indirectly via
emitted heat
yes, directly via
Products PEM SubSystem LEV Stack, PEM-Stack

Customised solutions

Our experienced team of engineers is happy to work together with customers and partners to create customised fuel cell solutions.

Fuel cell custom design


E-bikes | Pedelecs | Cargo bikes | E-scooters

Self-sufficient energy supply for buildings
Tiny Houses | Mountain chalets etc.

Reliability (uninterruptible power supply)
Servers | Wireless stations etc.

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