Self-sufficient energy supply
for buildings

Everyone is talking about the energy revolution. It is transforming society. This is also true for the supply of energy to domestic homes and other buildings, a segment which is experiencing radical change. Hydrogen fuel cells can play an important role in restructuring energy supply systems.
We offer a range of fuel cells which can be used to supply both electricity and also heat for use inside buildings. In addition to this, we also offer specially designed simulation tools for designing self-sufficient buildings. When doing so, our focus is always on load-specific self-sufficiency.

We are proud that, in partnership with energy firm Energiebüro zeroMission, we have already been able to develop a house design which includes building services specifically designed to enable self-sufficiency.

Our solutions


Ideal base components for customised system solutions or teaching and lab set-ups

PEM SubSystem

All the peripheral components required for operation are already integrated - for simple system integration

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