Fuel Cell Custom Design

Customised solutions to meet your needs
Are you looking for a customised solution in the hydrogen energy production segment? The products which are available on the market don't meet your needs? Would you like a partner who knows what you are talking about?

We will be happy to advise you!

Our experience in developing customised fuel cell applications goes back to 2006. Our well thought out product range enables us to work time- and cost-efficiently when developing your product idea, since we can draw on our balticFuelCells stacks. We will also be happy to work with you to develop a customised fuel cell application which meets all your needs.

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H2/ O2 PEM stack (in bFC test bench)
Development of a suitable internal cell design (comprising seal, MEA and GDL) to operate the stack with pure oxygen and hydrogen.

Fuel Cell Demonstrator
Design and prototype manufacturing of a portable fuel cell charger with replaceable H2 cartridge and planar fuel cell stack with light-supported cathode (transparent bipolar plates and GDL).

Reversible stack - "ReFlex" project
A reversible H2/O2 stack developed within the scope of a funded project. The stack is simultaneously an electrolyser and a fuel cell.

Demonstrator: Light2Hydrogen
Development and design of a demonstrator for the "Light2Hydrogen" project; scope: photocatalytic reactor, planar fuel cell stack and the entire process system including gas storage and control technology.

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