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qCf - quickCONNECTfixture- Efficient, precise, reliable, safe! Measurement of internal components in fuel cells and electrolysis

Test units for fuel cells

Test units for electrolysis

PEM fuel cell or electrolysis?

Our "Decision-making guide" diagram explains the diverse options
and helps you select the ideal test system for your needs.

qCf - apatented system

Leading research and development institutions around the world use our test units to characterise internal components in fuel cells and electrolysis cells. The unique characteristics of quickCONNECT test units make it possible to implement highly efficient quality control.

Our units' patented design allows them to be used to test a wide range of fuel cell components. As a result it is, for example, no seal modification is required to fit GDL height, while CCMs and GDLs can be changed in just a few seconds without any tools whatsoever.

Cusomised solutions

qCf Custom Design

Specially customised solutions based on the qCf system

Optional Equipment

Professional accessories for optimisation of the qCf system


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