PEM SubSystem

More than just a fuel cell!
Our SuSy subsystem is the ideal solution for time- and cost-efficient development and a product solution for fuel cell-based applications. Because the SuSy subsystem combines the fuel cell and the peripheral components required for operation in one sealed housing. The result is a ready-for-operation module which even laypeople can install.
  • < 3 seconds to achieve max. performance
  • Simplest possible installation (for OEMs)
  • Scalable performance (500 W → ∞)


The SubSystem principle - A fuel cell which is ready for operation
  • The system already includes all the peripheral components required for operation (fan, valves, pressure regulator, sensors, etc.)
  • The electronic control unit with various safety and operating features is the fundamental component.
  • Integration and start-up are simple and quick; no expensive, time-consuming system design work is required.
  • The design is well thought out and pared back.
  • The system is scalable and can be expanded using add-on modules to achieve higher performance.
  • The SubSystem has been frequently used at the Shell Eco Marathon!

The Plug'n'Play principle - the simplest possible integration, guaranteed
No fuel cell know-how is required to install and connect the SubSystem; this work can be carried out very quickly. Variable mounting points allow the compact, robust housing to be fitted in a variety of ways. Three standard interfaces make start-up fast and easy.
  • Simple connection
  • Many mounting options
  • Requires very little space
  • Variable module interlinking


Air-cooled fuel cell subsystem
Air-cooled fuel cells use ambient air for cooling. This reduces application costs - in some cases significantly. In response to this, we have developed a stack with an open cathode. It uses ambient air to simultaneously cool and supply the reaction processes inside the fuel cell.

Technical data

Voltage 24 - 45 V DC
Electr. power450 W nominal
Current 18 A (at nominal power)
Efficiency ~ 45% at 500 W
Dimensions 244 x 155 x 180 mm
Weight ~ 4 kg
Fuel Hydrogen 3.0
Fuel inlet pressure 2 - 10 bar
Emissions Humid air / heat
Start-up time immediately
Safety H2 pressure & temperature sensor
Performance chart:


Electrical/electronic interfaces
Hydrogen inlet
Front view/Air outlet


Cable set
to control and to communicate with the SuSy
DC/DC converter
to control the fuel cell stack's output voltage


Mobile unit
e.g. as a portable charger
Partial/ full integration
e.g. for on-board power supply in motor homes
Modular integration
e.g. as a UPS in measuring/ transmitting stations

E-bikes | Pedelecs | Cargo bikes | E-scooters

Self-sufficient energy supply for buildings
Tiny Houses | Mountain chalets etc.

Reliability (uninterruptible power supply)
Servers | Wireless stations etc.

Fuel cell + hydrogen - A symbiosis with outstanding characteristics

CO2-free energy
No environmentally damaging or loud emissions are generated.
Highly efficient
Up to 60% degree of efficiency (in comparison: combustion engine 35%).
Fast refuelling
When used as an energy source hydrogen can be refilled very quickly and safely.
Fuel cells operate almost silently.
Low maintenance
Less wear and tear because there are very few moving parts.

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