We, balticFuelCells GmbH, develop customised fuel cell solutions - from internal cell designs to complete systems!
Our focus is on the development and production of fuel cell applications which concentrate on concrete use cases and technical implementation.

Our extensive in-house know-how allows us to develop customised projects, from selection of the internal cell components to manufacturing of complex complete systems. When doing so, we consistently focus on sustainability and renewable energy sources.

Our many years of experience in the field of hydrogen-powered fuel cells enables us to develop precisely tailored solutions based on customer-specific requirements. We produce prototypes and small batches and also carry out extensive tests.


  • Analytical evaluation of test results (PEM single cells and PEM stacks)
  • H2/ O2 operated fuel cells
  • Design of complete systems using own/proprietary simulation software
  • Operation of fuel cell stacks on a test bench and in specific system environments
  • Design and testing of fuel cell stacks and complete systems
  • Extensive testing options using a wide range of test benches (such as use of the qcF with CMD and CurrentScanShunt, for stacks, CVM, Electrochemical Workstation etc.)
  • Test benches can also be used with pure oxygen


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible fuel cell application. Ideas (for fuel cell applications) can be realised using our range of fuel cell products or on the basis of completely new concepts to meet all system requirements.

Mechanical engineering

  • Excellent networks with (local) manufacturing companies for high flexibility
  • Provision of in-house manufacturing options for fast, simple production of subcomponents

Electrical engineering

  • Wide-ranging experience in the design of electronic components for our production
  • Rapid implementation of HW/SW alterations by our experienced engineers

Electro and polymer chemistry

  • Profound knowledge in the field of proton conducting polymer membranes for fuel cell applications
  • In-depth understanding of the operating principles of precious metal catalysts as a component of the electrodes of a fuel cell

Product design

  • Computer-aided construction space testing and professional designing of mechanical, fluid and electrical interfaces for simple integration of subcomponents
  • Network partner for complex issues relating to look and feel

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Our competences: From the cell to the complete system
Fuel cell components
Membrane electrode assemblies (MEA/CCM) and gas diffusion electrodes (GDE)
Fuel cell stacks
PEFC stacks for customised requirements
Fuel cell subsystems
For the operation required peripheral components - integrated in a closed housing
Fuel cell systems
Fully integrated fuel cell and hydrogen storage technology for a wide range of performance classes


H2/ O2 PEM stack (in a bFC test unit)
Development of a suitable internal cell design (comprising seal, MEA and GDL) to operate the stack with pure oxygen and hydrogen.

Fuel Cell Demonstrator
Design and prototype manufacturing of a portable fuel cell charger with replaceable H2 cartridge and planar fuel cell stack with light-supported cathode (transparent bipolar plates and GDL).
Fuel cell complete system (CAD model)
Selection of peripheral components for the 300 W PEM Stack; 3D construction; manufacturing and assembly of the system; carrying out of diverse system tests in the bFC test unit and in the application.
Demonstrator: Light2Hydrogen
Development and design of a demonstrator for the"Light2Hydrogen" project; Scope: Photocatalytic reactor, planar fuel cell stack and the entire process system including gas storage and control technology.

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