flow field set

Flow field plate set
To make our flow field plate sets suitable for a range of applications, they can be easily changed over in the cellFixture. We offer various flow field plate designs and structures made from a variety of materials. Should, despite this, you not be able to find the right flow field design for your needs, simply get in touch with us! We can manufacture customised flow field plates at our milling centre.

Package includes:
  • Flow field cathode
  • Flow field Anode
  • Viton seals
Kompatibel mit qCf 12 HA, qCf FC25, qCf FC50

10459 / 12459 / 11969

Example variants

Flow field plate set cF5/100 HT Gr. cF25/100 SC HT Gr. cF25/100 HT Gr.
Active area 5 cm2 25 cm2 25 cm2
Standard flow field Graphite Compound,
1 x Serpentine
Graphite Compound,
straight parallel
Graphite Compound,
5 x Serpentine
Max. contact pressure on the active area 2.51 N/mm2 2.51 N/mm2 2.51 N/mm2
Operation temperature -20 °C - 180 °C -20 °C - 180 °C -20 °C - 180 °C
Article No. 11969 12459 10459


cF25/100 Anode (material: Titanium)
cF25/100 SC HT (material: Graphite compound)
cF25/100 HT (material: Graphite compound)

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