CMD V1.1

Unit for compression measurement - CMD
Thanks to a fully automated compression measurement analysis unit this path length sensor supports all tests carried out using cellFixtures. Measurement of the path length/ compression enables direct comparison and optimisation of contact force on the active area.
  • In situ measurement (compression and path length)
  • Simple fitting of the sensor bracket and counter-bearing to the cellFixture
  • Contact pressure: Recording of compression during application of constant force
  • Measuring range: 2mm path length, dynamic resolution - 1 µm
  • Operating temperature: Up to 180°C
  • System requirements: Windows PC, cellFixture, qCf GEN 1.1 and higher
Compatible with qCf FC25, qCf FC50

Package includes:
  • USB I/O measuring card
  • Precision path length sensor
  • Electric proportional valve for pressure control
  • Adjustable sensor bracket for qCf and counter-bearing for cellFixtures
  • Cable set and software environment


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