RFB basic -
is especialy designed for
testing redox flow battery components.

All kinds of internal components, like membranes and electrodes can be evaluated in a quick, easy and reproducible way. Due to the specific requirements of redox flow batteries, only graphite and plastic materials come in contact with the liquid electrolyte. The test cell comes with inlay frames of different thickness and allows tests of GDL materials with a thickness varying from 2,5 - 6 mm.

● 100% reproducibility
● quick & easy assembly
● no leaking electrolyte
● advanced material concept
● RFB adapted electrode thickness
    (up to 6mm for each side)

 Datasheet RFB basic (pdf)

technical data RFB basic
  cell fixture
  weight 3kg   
  (l x w x h)
130mm x 105mm  
x 135mm  
-6°C to 60°C  
stainless steel  
  active RFB
  area (w x h)
52mm x 77mm  
6mm hole for  
cable lugs  
fittings 6mm  
  sealing Viton-sealing   
RFB test cell, 3 inlay frames 
(1.0, 2.4, 3.4mm thickness), manual