qCf - a revolutionary test cell system
for professional characterisation of fuel cells

>> now available 25 and 50cm² electrically heated test systems

● continuously adjustable contact pressure assures full
   reproducibility of test conditions

● independence of thickness of internal fuel cell components
   by self adjusting piston and special sealing concept

● no hose coupling and electrical wiring for replacement
   of the cellFixture required

● quick and easy clamping of cellFixture without tools
   and precise exchange of cell internal components

● maximum power density by determination of optimum
   contact pressure on active area

● designed for strong demands in the area of
   quality assurance and lab environment


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download »qCf - short intro« (pdf)

download flyer »qCf 25/100, FC 50/125« (pdf)

Download Flyer »qCf testing equipment« (pdf)
The features & advantages of the quickCONNECT fixture :

» Quality assurance
... in production and development, through active contact pressure control

» Reproducibility
... of test conditions = fully comparable measurements

» Quick and easy assembly
... without tools allows fast change of the sample in less than 1 minute

» Increased productivity
... through fast component exchange means a high screening throughput