qCf - a revolutionary test cell
system for professional
characterisation of fuel cells

The "qCf Battery Testing" is based
on the
patented product development
quickCONNECT fixture with its
significant advantages:

● quality assurance
● reproducibility
● quick & easy assembly
● increased productivity
● testing separator membranes/
● testing catalysts/ electrodes
   and backings
● for 25 cm² active area
   (50cm² on demand)

»Datasheet qCf Battery Testing« (pdf)

technical data qCF Battery Testing
  qCf FC25/100 V1.1
  weight 5,95kg   
  piston diameter
Ø 100mm; anti-twist,  
low friction  
  flowfield material
graphit compound  
(other on demand)  
  sacrificial anode
zinc, lithium, aluminium  
(or other oxidizing   materials)  
  sacrificial anode
0.01 to 1.5mm  
(oxidizing material)  
RT to 180°C  
(200°C short term)  
  max. force @
  8bar air supply)
6.28kN/ 616kg/ 1412lbf  
  air supply device Ø 4mm; 
electrical 5/2-way valve  
  oxidant supply
Ø 6mm Swagelok fitting  
stainless steel/ lapped,  
Viton sealents   
  delivery includes qCf, load plugs (Ø 6mm/  
M6; MultiContact),manual
  temperature control unit  
(TCU), backings