qCf Liquid Cooling high amp -
System for professional characterization of fuel cells with high current densities and direct flow field cooling

The "qCf liquid cooling high amp" is based on
quickCONNECT fixture with a further development in cooperation with Fraunhofer ISE and offers following advantages:

● operation at high current densities
   up to 5 A/cm²

● cooling layers in direct contact with
   flow fields
● quick & easy clamping/assembly
● increased productivity
● Cold Start option
● extreme temperatures
   (-20 bis 150°C)
● for 12 cm² active area

»Datasheet qCf LC high amp« (pdf)

cell fixture HA technical data
qCf Liquid Cooling high amp

qCf FC12/100 HA
  weight 6 kg   
  piston diameter
Ø 100mm; anti-twist,  
low friction  
  active area 12 cm²   
  max. operating
-20°C bis 150°C*  
  liquid cooling cooling/heating liquids  
(external thermostat)  
  ΔT cooling liquid
  and cathode
  gas outlet
<1K @ 5 A/cm²  
  max. force
  (@ 4bar/58psi
  air supply)
3kN/ 300kg/ 675lbf  
  air supply device Ø 4mm; 
electrical 5/2-way valve  
  media supply
  (fuel/ air)
Ø 6mmSwagelok fitting  
stainless steel/ lapped,  
Viton sealents  
  delivery includes qCf, load plugs  
Multi Contact),manual
qcf high amp