Humidity Sensor Electronics
- HMT 310

"Code F"-certified for fuel cell
Td+Tdf+x with heated sensor head
diameter sensor head: 12 mm
mounting plate for HMT317NIK
voltage supply standard (24 VDC)
analog-output (CH1&CH2) Output
current 4...20 mA
Chanal 1 Td (-40...+100 °C)
   Chanal 2 x (0...500 g/kg d.a.)
metric units
plug-in connector M12 8-pin
   with 5 m cable
Vaisala HUMICAP®180C
stainless-steel lattice with
thread diameter sensor: ISO 3/8''

● package includes:
   HMT 310 sensor with 2 m cable 
  +180C, handbook, manual, calibration
Manifold for direct integration
of humidity-sensor HS-HMT310:

● for integration of VAISALA sensorhead/
   transmitter; type HMT310
● principle: cross-flow configuration in gas-flow;
● thread diameter for sensor: G 3/8“ ISO 12mm
● gas-flow connection: both sides 6mm-Swagelok;
● humidity measurements in gas-flow (in-situ)
   for qCf FC25/100 or FC50/125;
● ready-to-install to gas-inlet or gas-outlet
   (anode- or cathode-side);
● maximum gas-pressure: 3 bar(a);
● maximum operating temperature: 180°C;
● material: PTFE / 1.4571 (V4A);
● dimensions: 70 x 50 x 25 mm (H x B x T;
   without media connectors);
● delivery includes installation instructions
   and 0,3m PTFE-tube;