Compression Measurement
Device - CMD

Path length sensor and fully automatic evaluation unit for measuring the compression of all specimens in the cellFixture: determination of path length or compression, between 0.2N/mm² and
max. contact pressure enables the user
to correlate and optimize the contact
force on the active area [N], the com-
pression [% or μm] and the perfor-
mance parameters of the specimens
under investigation.

● in-situ measurements (compression
   and path length)
● evaluation of the measurement results
   under LabView environment
● easy mounting of sensor support and
   counter surface on cellFixture

● constant force: determination of the    specimens compression (% or μm)    using a constant force working on the 
   active area(constant contact pressure)
● measuring range: 2mm total path    length, dynamic resolution 1μm
● operating temperature: up to 180°C

● system requirements: Windows PC    cellFixture, qCf GEN 1.1 or higher
● package includes :
   USB I/O-measurement data card,
   precision path length sensor, electric
   proportional valve for pressure control,
   adjustable sensor support and counter
   surface for installation on a cellFixture,
   cable set & software environment